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Fic: Family (Cassie) - Hex Fanfiction

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June 14th, 2007

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03:15 pm - Fic: Family (Cassie)

Title: #24 Family
Author: ladycolete
Summary:Cassie thinking before talking to the doctor.
Notes:Not mine.  Never have been, never will.




Somedays she can fool herself, Cassie thought.  Days where she thinks this can end happily.  Cassie subconsciously rubs her enlarging stomach.  Days where she thinks that Azazeal, their baby, and her can be a family.  We can all leave this place and become a normal family.  But, Azazeal will never be normal.  He’s a fallen angel.  He has an agenda.  No matter how much he tells her he loves her, she knows he has ulterior motives.  She knows he does love her in his own way.


“Cassie?”  The doctor asks, appearing in front of her.


“Yes.”  Cassie says quietly, getting up.

They’ll never be a happy family.  Cassie thought as she walks into the room, following the doctor.

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