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July 30th, 2006

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10:52 pm - Special (Thelma/Maya, PG-13)
Title: Special
Author: Sami
Pairing: Thelma/Maya
Summary: It hasn't snowed at Medenham hall and that, including many other things, is all Malachi's fault.
Notes: This was written for Tegan! This is unrepentantly sappy.

It was getting cold. All this winter she had waited for snow to come to the school but it never did. There was always snow at Medenham Hall – she had the colds to prove it – but not in this year of the beasts. Thelma attributed that to the demon spawn that was currently strutting around the school like he was Brad Pitt with a fifteen inch dick.

Popping another crisp into her mouth, she slowly chewed while watching Malachi chat up her girlfriend. He was wearing the same urban-cowboy-mets-drag-queen shirt again. Was that all the bloke had? She was dead and she still changed her outfit more! Maya -- how could she even stand that sleaze? The bastard looked in her direction and smiled that knowing, arrogant, bastard smile. The love of Thelma's life had died to save that fucker and now -- when she had finally found someone to spend her afterlife with – he was fucking with her. She couldn't say anything because then she would lose her. And then she would be alone. Forever.

Thelma closed her eyes and sighed heavily through her nose. Soft hands caressed her cheeks and when she opened her eyes, she was gazing into Maya's face.

“Don't worry about the mark. I don't know what he means about it making me special but you'll get them soon, no doubt.” Maya kissed her and Thelma didn't feel dead.

As warm lips pressed against her forehead, Thelma said, “You never needed that mark to make you special.”

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Date:December 24th, 2009 09:09 am (UTC)
Date:December 24th, 2009 07:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

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